You’ve got me feeling emotions! Deeper than I ever dreamed of…

Cue the Mariah Carey, top-octave squeals.  Okay, maybe the 90’s song reference is a little bit dated, but I had a couple of things happen to me this week that got me thinking about emotions.  Excitement, in particular.  According to Wikipedia (the Goddess of all knowledge):  Emotion is any conscious experience characterized by intense mental activity and a high degree of pleasure or displeasure.

So is excitement really an emotion?  Aristotle called emotions Pathos, and said that awakening Pathos in an audience was one of the three artistic modes of persuasion.  If that is the case, then I suppose excitement would be considered an emotion.  That really is the best form of persuasion, isn’t it?  Generating excitement in people.

This past week, my little makeup business had some big developments.  And I am EXCITED.  First, I actually asked three people to host Facebook parties and they agreed!  Amazing right!?  Not really, but I am amazed that I have come to a point in my own self-confidence revolution where I can actually ask for something – a foreign concept to my old self.  I had to get myself set up to work three parties at the same time.  No small task considering I’ve only done one party…  ever.  But so far, I’ve been handling it, and it has actually been really fun, and… exciting!

Then, I had my first sponsorship – meaning, someone signed up to sell makeup with me!  Yay (happy dance!)  This is big, because if I am to reach my next business goal, I need to get more people on my team.  Even though I am the #bossbabe, I am not alone in this business and I need other people to help me reach my goals, just like other people need me.  But frankly, I am more (here it is again) EXCITED than ever because now I have a partner, and that feels great!

And then!  Younique Corporate announced the launch of TWO new lash products.  OMG.  Count them, TWO.  One is a lash boosting serum and the other is a single application mascara.  Holy smokes, I got excited about that.  They were announced on Wednesday and I literally could not contain myself.  I had to tell all my beautiful co-workers about this amazing news.  Of course, they were not nearly as excited as I was, but that’s okay.  To each his own.  I took a step back that afternoon and inventoried how I was feeling.  My heart was racing, my mind was racing, even my words were racing as I told people about the new products.  I would say that I definitely had a “conscious experience characterized by intense mental activity and a high degree of pleasure.”

That is what my little makeup business did for me – it gave me the kind of “jump out of your chair, shout it from the rooftops” excitement that I have rarely experienced before.  My Pathos were on overload and THAT was an incredible feeling!   (Now I have that damn Mariah Carey song in my head… Whoa, Whoa, YOU’VE got me feeling emotions!)



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