Go ahead, make my Dia!

I received my Dia Box in the mail yesterday.  If you don’t know, a Dia Box is sort of like shopping with a stylist through the mail.  When you sign up for Dia, you fill out a lengthy questionnaire about your personal style, fit and color preferences, lifestyle, work environment, etc.  Then, one of the Dia stylists picks out five items that are tailored specifically to your preferences, and ships them off to your doorstep in a nicely wrapped little box.  There are other sites like this, but I use this one because it caters to those us who are “plus” sized.  (Whatever that means, I like to think my size is pretty normal).  Regardless, I’ve had five of these boxes shipped to me so far and have had no real complaints.  Everything fits really well.  Everything is high quality.  And, most importantly, everything is picked out for me, eliminating the usual anxiety that comes with clothes shopping.

Some people like to shop, I get that.  I am not one of those people.  Even when I was skinnier (aka, living day to day with my most disordered eating behaviors), I always got anxious around shopping.  I think it had to do with the fact that I was never quite good enough for me.  Even when I was shopping at my lowest pant size, it was never quite small enough.  There was always some super skinny girl in the dressing room next to me trying on a size or two smaller.  The ideal size was just outside the horizon.  As the very definition of horizon would suggest, it was an imaginary goal that recedes as I approached it.  That was my ideal weight and size, imaginary, and always fleeting.

So, back to the topic, I don’t care much for shopping.  But with this incredible internet service company, I can have the clothes picked out especially for me and not worry about finding the proper size or asking the attendant if they have any larger sizes in the back.  This is stress-free shopping at its finest.

I received my fifth Dia box just yesterday and I have to admit, I was a little bit disappointed when I first pulled the items out, one by one, and lined them up on the bed so I could inspect them.  Here is what they sent:  a pair of flared leg jeans, some green khaki shorts, a navy and white striped dress, a pair of navy pants, and a black knit sweater to be worn over something like a tank top or t-shirt.

The black sweater was actually that I liked at first glance.  The dress looked way too formal.  It had a high neck, no sleeves and a long skirt that went down to the knees.  The shorts did not look to be my style at all – I like my shorts short! (and not green) These shorts were mid-thigh (and green).  The work pants were just normal with a straight leg.  And finally, the jeans were something I had specifically requested NOT to have them send me anymore.  They’ve sent me a pair of jeans in almost every box so far, and since I can only wear jeans at work on Friday, this really doesn’t do me much good.

I tried on the dress first… and I was immediately in love.  It was one of the most flattering articles of clothing I have ever tried on.  It was fitted, but not so tight as to be uncomfortable.  The length was perfect and it made me look long (well, I am kind of tall already, but this really accentuated the height).  The shorts were next.  People who have never dieted (aka, naturally skinny people), don’t know what it’s like to have your thighs rub together, and this problem is often made worse by wearing shorts.  But these shorts were just long enough to avoid this uncomfortable issue.  It turns out, their length was their strength! (yes, that was a cheesy rhyme, I know.)

Next I tried on the navy pants with the sweater.  The pants were too short at first glance, but then, I realized that maybe they weren’t meant to hang down to the floor.  Perhaps they could look good just sitting at the ankle? Okay, so those were keepers because they fit beautifully and I could wear them to work.  The sweater was, of course, perfect.  It was just light enough to be worn in the summer.

Finally, I tried on the jeans.  Note, I already had a grumpy attitude about the jeans because I had specifically requested that I not be sent any jeans (we’ll set aside the fact that all of the jeans I have received from Dia so far, have fit me to perfection and made me feel oh so beautiful!)  So, like I said, I had attitude about them before I even put them on.  I read the styling card that comes along with the box and it said that these jeans were a customer favorite.  Hmm… I gave them a shot and tried them on.  And they fit like a dream.  It’s been several years since I wore a pair of non-skinny jeans so the fact that they were flared at the ankle did not impress me at first.  But after I put them on, I realized exactly why they were a Dia customer favorite.  They fit my bum perfectly, they were exactly the correct length, and the cut was super flattering.

What did I learn from this whole experience?  Sometimes I need to check my shitty attitude at the door.  I mean that seriously.  Not everything is as it seems on the outside and I sure am quick to dismiss something that I think might not be my style…  whether it be a box of clothes, or someone’s different beliefs on subject xyz.  After all, we’re all just trying to find our own style in this world…  there’s nothing wrong with getting a little help looking outside of our box from time to time.  Be more positive, accept the things that cannot be changed, change the things that can be changed…  and always, ALWAYS, trust in Dia!



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