Nowhere To Run To

Ahh!  I haven’t written in a long time and I was starting to get a little freaked out!  Actually, I’ve been busier than a one-armed paper hanger, as Truvy so eloquently put it in Steel Magnolias.  By the way, if you haven’t seen that movie, you haven’t lived…  in my humble opinion.

What have I been doing?  Oh the usual summer, family stuff like camping and road-tripping to exotic locations like South Dakota (that was a joke).  My car started to act up, so I bought a new one (isn’t that what most people do?)  And my little makeup business has been busy, busy, busy.  Well, I have been busy, busy, busy trying to make it a real makeup business and not just a pipe dream.  This past weekend’s camping was done at Itasca State Park, the home of the Mississippi Headwaters.  If you’re planning to visit Minnesota any time soon, I would suggest you add Itasca to your trip…  it is beautiful.  But back to the topic.  Something happened there that got me thinking about running.  Let me explain.

My mother in law is a wonderful woman, and she has a camper that she (well, my wonderful husband) pulls up to Itasca every year for a week.  My husband and I didn’t spend the entire week there, but we did spend all but three days “camping” in a camper the size of a small home.  It’s like that Jim Gaffigan joke where he says that bringing a camper camping is like going camping and saying, “I think I’ll bring my house with me.”  We were hardly roughin’ it.

On the last night of the trip, a thunderstorm blew through the area and knocked out all of the power at the park…  leaving us to actually “rough it” in our camper.  My personal reaction to this scenario surprised me some…  I became panicked and immediately wanted to pull up shop and get the heck outta Dodge.  Note, I do not consider myself to be high maintenance (except for the whole makeup thing), but this was one of the most high maintenance, knee-jerk reactions you could have.  Something’s wrong?  Let’s leave.

As the storm blew outside, my mind spun into a tizzy of thoughts about how terrible the night would be without electricity.  How would we use the bathroom?  What would we possibly do without the air conditioner?  What if we melted!?  How would I charge my cell phone!!?  Ahh!!!  And I noticed that the more I thought about all the bad things that could happen, the more I wanted to jump in my brand new car and hit the road.  Then I realized that this is my typical reaction to, well…  everything.  When the goin’ gets tough, I quit goin’.

I realized that this little makeup business is teaching me a lesson in how to interpret my gut reactions.  There are going to be tough days and there are going to be great days.  I just have to find the strength to make it through those tough days.  I basically have to change (there it is, the dreaded C word) my mindset and learn not to give up on something just because today was rough.  Because no matter how bad the downs are, the ups are so great, it makes it worth every down.

Like the roller coaster analogy.  I used to be petrified of roller coasters.  Once, when I was about 12 years old, I went to Six Flags Over Texas with some friends and we stood in line for two hours to ride The Rattler, a HUGE wooden roller coaster.  But by the time I got to the top, I was so terrified, that I had to use this thing called the Chicken Ramp to exit the line.  With my tail tucked between my legs, I sprinted down that ramp as fast as I could.  That was terribly embarrassing.  These days, however, I’m a little bit braver.  I can say now that I have actually ridden some roller coasters and I lived to tell the tale.  And that is a great feeling!

So today I will do my best to keep on plugging and put away my running shoes…  because the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow will be so worth it!



PS – We all survived the night camping just fine.  My phone did not die, the storm cooled everything down, and it was actually a pleasant evening, tucked away in our giant camper 😉

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