Pink and Blue

Does anyone else get down in the dumps? I don’t know about you, but my life seems to function either at an extreme high or an extreme low. What’s interesting about this is how I allow the words and actions of others to affect my own ups and downs. This is human nature, I get that. But it is still really frustrating! I wish I could turn off that voice in my head that gets overly attached to the reactions that people have about what I do.  

I’m reminded of the eating disorder voice. The one that lives in my brain like a little toad. Who out there has ever gained 30 lbs in one day? I have. I have done it many times. I might leave the house feeling great, saying to myself,”Self, I look good!”  And something happens during the day… I eat my entire meal at lunch (you know, because that just is not acceptable) or have one too many cookies for my afternoon snack… and by the end of the day, I look in the mirror and see someone who weighs a good 30 lbs more than the one who looked back at me that morning. It’s this type of up and down that I’m talking about. Is that just a female thing? I mean, it doesn’t seem like men go around swinging on their emotions day to day… just a thought.

Take this last month for example. It felt like a roller coaster. One minute I was at the highest of high, and the next minute I was singin’ the blues. All because of this network marketing business. And the blues weren’t there because I was unsuccessful… I had a great month actually. I promoted to the next level of my company – Pink Status. I was actually able to recruit some people to join me (something I NEVER thought I would be able to do), and I fumbled my way through some parties, ultimately deciding to revamp my entire outlook on the whole network marketing “party.”  

I learned (through many, many, many Kara Lewis Newton YouTube trainings) that this business is not about the sell… it is NEVER about the sell. It is about expanding your network. And how do you do that? By taking care of the customer and by providing a valuable product.  The product is not the makeup.  It is the experience you provide your customer.  Once I made up my mind to offer an EXPERIENCE rather than a “party”, I was off to work. Literally, I worked all the time. I made video after video after video. I took selfie after selfie after selfie. I edited. I wrote verbiage for my posts. I put together a name and a theme for my virtual experience. And I was determined that if I didn’t get a single sale from this endeavor, I was damn sure going to expand my network by offering it.

The problem is, that people don’t necessarily want it… the experience, I mean. And that’s okay. That’s totally their prerogative to “not want” my product (not the makeup, the experience… everyone wants makeup, right?!). In fact, it is a stone cold fact that more people will NOT want it than will. And that’s okay. I know this in my head. But when I hear those “No’s” it punches me right in the heart. “But this is my baby!” I say to myself. “I’m offering you an experience! A learning experience that I put a ton of hours into preparing so that it would be upbeat and entertaining and provide something valuable to you!!” That’s what I want to scream. But not everyone wants it. And that’s okay.

When it all boils down to it, this is a basic lesson of human interaction that I have yet to learn. I’ve always lived life to please others as best I can. But that is just not the way life is meant to be. I am not supposed to liked by everyone. And that’s okay.  

So that is my little learning tidbit for the day: there will be ups, and there will be downs… And that’s okay. Success will not happen on its own and it will never get easier. But I am determined to find those people who DO want my experience. And by jove, I’m going to give them with the most well-prepared, entertaining, and valuable experience that I can provide !  And that’s okay too.


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  1. You are doing a awesome job with your videos and photos!! Your excitement and encouragement to look our best is contagious!!! Keep it up Lady!!! Soon you shall reap the rewards of all your hard work!!!

  2. Becca we just returned from conference where we heard the “Go For No!” people talk, it is a very interesting concept and puts you in a different frame of mind about sales and how to deal with the No’s and Yes’s in sales. I would recommend it!

    1. Yes Janice! I have read Go for No. An excellent book. Thank you for the suggestion and I appreciate you reading my blog!

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